"The realization of a utopia"

We share the wisdom of nature by preserving, discovering.


"One inch of land"...

Born in the city, raised in the city, working in the city, living in the city, city people...


City people who take a break to breathe on the terrace of the plaza where they work, on the balcony of the apartment, run on the paths of the nearby grove at the weekend, try to be in nature by walking on the beach, and turn their balcony into a botanical garden to see green. Concrete houses, asphalt roads, plastic flowers, metal cars, chemical additives.

Endless allergies, stress we always feel, poor quality sleep, tasteless food, bags full of drugs. Is it familiar?


The story of Söğütgedigi Farm is actually a search for change by a team who realizes that their soul and body and the environment and conditions they live in do not match. It is a way we find ourselves to be able to come together with the earth, to reduce our carbon footprint, and to take action on the issues we complain about.


An answer we try to give to the question of how we can change our lives. The embodiment of our desire to change, as members of a society that constantly consumes but does not produce, that feeds on the resources of the world but does not give it back, that cannot return to its original form even though it has lost its soul, body and mind; Willowgedigi Farm.


A foot of land…

Our story


How We Started

We took the first step of our marathon on May 11, 2018. Eleven friends who met from different channels “a span of land” We set out with the thought that it would be nice if we had one more door to go, if we could learn how to cultivate and harvest. We looked for a place far from Istanbul, but as close as we could reach, with clean air and water, friendly people, fertile soil, contact with the sea, and which would make us think, “yes, maybe I can live here in the future”.


At the end of the road, we found ourselves in Çanakkale. And we saw that we were walking around a field in Söğütgedigi Village of Bayramiç. We made our own analyzes and investigations with the urban mind. We measured and cut. A few days later, we are sitting in the shade of the tree in the middle of the field, 21 acres of deed in our hands, looking at each other with a stupid grin on our faces. We now had a field. Now we had an inch of land…


How We Proceed

The first thing we realized after we bought our field was that, first of all, we had to have a house. Doing business in the field, establishing a farm means spending time there. That's why our first priority was to build our house in which we would feel happy, and our workshop, which will be the starting point of everything we want to do in the next years, together with this house. Our first two years were spent with the house, infrastructure works, soil analysis, trainings, getting to know the environment, learning about the climate, and integrating the team.


As we entered 2021, we decided that we wanted to specialize in medicinal and aromatic plants and to realize their agriculture, as well as beekeeping and honey production. While embarking on all these, we aimed to gather our collective efforts and values under the umbrella of a legal entity. That's why we turned our formation into a cooperative in 2021 and established the Limited Responsibility Bayramiç Women's Initiative Production and Business Cooperative, or Bayramiç Women's Cooperative in short. Don't look at it's name is a women's cooperative. We have 8 female and 3 male members. Our door is open to anyone who has the same goals and path as us.


Of course, our story is not that short and adventurous. Since we couldn't bring a master to the village, we bought a welding machine and made our own workshop benches, from finding natural alternatives to the soil-poisoning ideas given by so-called agricultural engineers, from building a roof to our house that suddenly collapsed, to our experimental efforts for the distillation of plants, from the excitement we experienced while tasting the first honey of our bees to the farm, and the road to the farm was closed. What adventures we had until the excavations we did with digging and shovel for What is enjoyable is not reaching the goal, but the experiences we have on the way there.


What has this adventure taught us?


We are part of the world we live in. Like a tree, like a rock, like a butterfly, like a fox, like a leaf, like a bee, like a human. We are not above or below anyone or anything. We are one whole.


What makes all experiences really valuable are the people we share them with. Life becomes so much more enjoyable when we are together.


Where Do We Want To Go?

We want to transform the produce from our clean soil into products that will heal ourselves and everyone, and find a way to live by benefiting the world we live in or at least keeping the damage we do to a minimum.


We want to keep both our doors and our hearts open to anyone who wants to accompany us on this path, who wishes to join our team, or who wants to be inspired by us.


Yours sincerely


Our Goal


Create enjoyable routines with us.

Being aware of the healing power of nature and plants,

Are those who do not want the ordinary and want to create their own routine here?