Küçük Bitkiler, Büyük Çözümler: Doğanın Şifa Dolu Dünyası

Aradığınız şifayı doğadan bulan, sıradanı reddeden ve kendi benzersiz yolunu inşa etmek isteyen herkesi buraya davet ediyoruz! Doğanın derin bilgeliğine saygı duyarak, keşfederek ve öğrenerek, sağlıklı ve dengeli bir yaşamın anahtarlarını paylaşıyoruz. Gel, doğanın mucizelerini birlikte keşfedelim ve hayatımıza doğal iyileşme ve güzellik katalım.


%100 Doğal

%100 Doğal Origanum Vulgare İstanbul Kekiği. "Kendi 

First in Turkey

It is the first Istanbul Thyme to be grown registered in Turkey, and it has been carefully prepared with its smell and taste, since its volatile components are not taken.

You can brew it as a tea

When thyme is consumed in the form of tea, it protects the digestive system. It is effective in soothing cough.

Leaf Thyme Form

You can safely gift Istanbul thyme, which adds flavor with its intense aroma.

Intense Aroma

It is very suitable for use in kitchens due to its intense aroma. It differs from other thyme species with its unique aroma.

Product of Labor and Solidarity

This package contains a lot of sweat, solidarity, women's labor, Çanakkale's soil, air, water and sun.

The healing power of nature
space takers

Especially the censer and lavender oil became indispensable in my house. The scent of lavender envelops the whole house and refreshes it. Good luck with your work.
Ayse Burcu Ozdemir
I use Söğütgedigi Natural soaps and liter olive oil by persuading me. I would recommend it to everyone.
Bahar Tuncer
I couldn't breathe easily because of an upper respiratory tract infection. Thanks to eucalyptus oil, I felt relieved. Thanks to Söğütgedigi.
Hilal Karakas
Thanks to argan oil, acne problems on my daughter's skin have decreased. She uses it constantly and is very satisfied. We are comfortable as it is a producer and a cooperative.
Tolga Karakaya

Gift Packages

Do not decide on your gift without examining our gift packages specially prepared for your loved ones.

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"The harvest of your own garden"

Söğütgedigi Farm was established in the magnificent nature of Mount Ida, known in mythology as Kaz Mountains. According to Greek mythology, the houses of the gods outside Mount Olympos are on Mount Ida, and this place has a magnificent nature with its natural beauty, rich vegetation and majestic peaks. 

Best Quality

We have our oils tested regularly in certified laboratories and we do not sell oils and other products with values outside the accepted values.

Competitive price

We aim to sell our products to you at the most affordable prices. For this reason, we regularly conduct market research and determine the ideal price for our products.