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GENERAL WARNINGS Before sharing important information about the products on our website, we would like to provide some reminders. The information on our Plantpedia page contains reference information about medicinal and aromatic plants and includes basic information on the use of plants in aromatherapy, essential oils, fixed oils, macerate oils, hydrolates, and tea. NATURAL AND MEDICINAL DOESN’T MEAN HARMFUL. It should be kept in mind that natural products may also cause some harm; it should not be assumed that the products we use, eat, or drink cannot cause harm just because it is natural. For this reason, we should recognize the importance of having accurate information about the herbs and oils and their correct use. Most importantly, essential oils should not be applied directly to the skin or ingested orally. The product and plant images seen on the site are examples only; these images should not be construed as a reference for recognizing the plant itself, or deciding on its quality and condition.

Points to consider before the external use of oils:

If you are allergic to a particular plant, we do not recommend using its oil. If you are going to use an oil for the first time and externally, we recommend that you conduct a “patch test” beforehand.

What is patch testing and how is it done?

The patch test is a preview test to determine whether your skin reacts to an oil prior to external use.

– Before starting the test, choose an area on your skin that you can comfortably watch and observe, preferably your hand or arm.

– Cleanse the chosen area by washing it with an unscented soap.

– Dilute the oil to be tested with a carrier oil, place a few drops on the area, and apply. Do not apply the oil itself in its pure form.

– Preferably wait 24 hours. During this period, if any redness, itching, swelling, or similar reaction occurs on the application area, wash the affected area and not continue to use the oil you have tested.

These oils should never be used in areas such as around the eyes, sensitive areas such as mucus membranes, the genital area, etc. If they come into contact with these areas, they should be cleaned by washing with plenty of water.

During pregnancy and lactation, essential oils should not be used without consulting a doctor. It is recommended to store essential oils out of the reach of children and preferably at room temperature below 25 degrees.

What are carrier oils and what are they used for?

Carrier oils are used to allow concentrated essential oils to be applied to the body. Most of the essential oils preferable for skin application are used in combination with a suitable carrier oil to prevent possible side effects that may occur in direct application. Carrier oils do not have strong scents. They are generally obtained via cold pressing of plant seeds or nuts. Popular carrier oils include sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, coconut oil, shea butter, and sesame.

What are essential oils (aromatherapy oils) and what are they used for?

Essential oils are oils obtained via distillation of aromatic components of a plant and can be from the flowers, leaves, and sometimes the bark or roots of the plant. Pure essential oils are powerful and pungent.

Essential oils can be used in aromatherapy as diffused into the air or diluted with a carrier oil and applied to the skin.

It is not recommended to apply these oils directly to the skin. If applied to the skin, they must first be diluted with a carrier oil. If applied undiluted, essential oils can cause irritation, redness, burning and similar effects.

Essential oils are used in many ways such as for reducing stress, relieving headaches, or increasing concentration. However, there may be a potential for harmful/undesirable effects.

It is important to be careful in the use of essential oils as it is possible for some people to be allergic to them. For this reason, it is important to be aware of possible allergic reactions. An allergic reaction to an essential oil may differ depending on how it is used. Please be aware of this to prevent or detect a possible reaction early.

These oils should never be consumed internally.


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